Looking to serve?

Your purpose here is to submit your power to Goddess Bella


Goddess Bella expects nothing less than selfless service from
losers like you!


Hello Loser!

In my eyes you sense there is no way out for you!! you are trapped, and it feels so good. I am a real Dutch natural beauty, very long blond hair and deep blue eyes with long lashes, bratt, vigarous and playfull. Mistress off ffinancial addicts, moneypigs, stupid fucks and sissy boys. Inspired by female supremacy I enjoy teasing weak losers. By travelling all around the world I am very open minded and a cosmopolitan lady. in where you can experience your fetish Feel the need to serve me? FOR YOU TO EXPERIENCE I show no mercy. If you need a purpose in your pathetic life, I''m here to make you suffer.'